relationships in college

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  10. To try and come up with a blanket statement about it seems silly to me. I have some female friends who are dumb as a post and ugly as fuck on top of that. Then I have some friends who are gorgeous and smart as hell. Then there’s in betweens and mix and match types.
  12. 134Hope September 6, 2010 at 1:51 pm
  13. “do betas actually look for something MORE than sex? All guys want sex…”
  15. Yes, betas want sex, too, but they want a girl who’s a good girlfriend/wife material to have a LTR with. I’d say the traits that the ideal beta girlfriend/wife has are: physical attractiveness (in the US basically not overweight girls count as attractive), intelligence (so the children won’t come out retarded), honesty / loyalty / faithfulness / sexual fidelity, good judgment (doesn’t do dumb things like binge drink or smoke), positive attitude (no nagging, loving and affectionate), fiscal responsibility (can save up, not a lot of debt), and willingness to have sex when he wants it. Add in cooking and cleaning, and I don’t think very many men would turn you down as a wife (except for the most bitter and marriage-hating men).
  17. 135Collegegirl1 September 6, 2010 at 2:21 pm
  18. In college, though the only people I know in relationships were either ones that got started in high school or people they’ve known a long time (like from high school…). I never had a relationship in high school because I was shy and didn’t really know myself yet. I’m way different now (4+ years later) but feel like I missed out because once guys hit college all they want is sex, sex, sex. They will lie to girls, make you think they like you more than they actually do, and then you realize it’s all a joke once they drop you. The relationships I know that did form in college last a total of like..3’s a joke. So…I don’t know. Personally, I wish girls were less slutty so that guys would realize they would NEED to have a relationship in order to get sex and then try to find the girl most right for them. I feel like girls giving into guy’s needs are what is the problem here…because we view guys as having the upper hand. Us girls think in order for us to get what we want in time, we have to give them what they want FIRST and that is just not right..
  20. 136Obsidian September 6, 2010 at 1:29 pm
  21. Hello everyone,
  22. I’m not surprised in the least that Kim Kardashian would come in for something of a drubbing by the White guys here. It’s long been known that White Men as a rule don’t take kindly to “one of their own” choosing to date Black Men. men as a rule are intensely competitive, and none moreso than in the area of Women. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Heidi Klum, one of the world’s most beautiful Women, also came in for the same kinds of “trashy” appelation, simply because she chose a very Black Man – Seal – over all the White ones. Same deal with the recently divorced Elin Woods.
  24. So, what I said stands. It’s not my fault that this group here, is a highly self-selecting one.

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