Become your own judge

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  11. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Nov 15 - 23:53 | reply to this comment
  12. Fear and trust can coexist
  13. Those who say they do not want to feel fear aren't discussing the same thing the author of this article was discussing. It's not the fear you feel in a situation like if you're being mugged or you're in a house fire, it's the scary movie/rock climbing fear. It's a welcome part of the experience. It's the thing that makes being taken in hand better than merely being spanked. It's kind of exciting, it makes you want your husband and respect him more because you feel he's a real man. You FEEL it.
  15. by Louise C on 2005 Jun 14 - 12:13 | reply to this comment
  16. For me, it is definitely Fear!!
  17. And I Love that feeling. I don't get punished very often, but for me, when I have pushed him way too far and he starts to unbuckel that belt the words apprehension and anticipation just don't do it justice. I am scared, but I know I am safe too. I wouldn't change it for anything. Heck, I am the one who asked for this part of our relationship.
  19. by maskpen on 2005 Aug 12 - 16:47 | reply to this comment
  20. We women love it
  21. Social institution are the reflexion of human nature. Being a woman and knowing a lot of women around me i know that how much women love to be submissive to their husbands fascinates with the idea of being dominated by economic system can abolish the authority of men over women b coz women love it so much.
  23. A new system can change the form and human nature is made to sythesise or reconcile it with the older the whole debate should veer round the concept of form in which men`s domination over women can function properly and give both of them a lot of pleasure.

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