Your ex spouse thriving without you.

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  9. It has been fascinating to me to read this site and realise that as a woman, you can be 'too submissive' for your man. I always wondered why my husband hates it when I'm 'pathetic' about things like absolutely refusing to deal with the bank, bills etc. He chose me as an independent, sassy, outgoing woman and probably didn't want that to change completely. I've always tried for 100% obedience and submission, but have decided to give up that goal!
  11. I LOVE being submissive but also love the other side of me, which is the most argumentative person in the staff meeting.:)) Ask anyone where I work if I'm submissive and they'll chorus NO WAY. As someone else said, it is TO HIM only. We don't talk about the dynamics of our relationship - it just IS. But I think this website is helpful for me as I don't talk about it anywhere else.
  13. So THANKS to you all :))
  15. Amani
  17. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Aug 5 - 10:32 | reply to this comment
  18. PMT
  19. I get that too, and it makes me extremely irritable. I find though that under the new regime PMT is no longer accepted as a reason for bad behaviour "it's no excuse for rudeness" as my husband explained to me last night (with emphasis).

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