The Online Dates I Ever Went On

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  10. Red pill guys are great if you don’t set yourself up to be their enemy.
  12. 175Alias May 22, 2012 at 4:13 pm
  13. Richard Aubrey:
  14. “They were 9/10, or at least, say, 7/8 with huge chests. When they got to college, they decided to pull it back. No makeup, pony tails, floppy sweatshirts.
  15. Or, in other situations, the “aura”.
  16. Whatever it took to get through the day.”
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  18. > Another way to cut back on approaches is to decrease IOIs (smiles, extended eye contact, intimate conversation, touching, giggling ). You act polite but “professional” and you get fewer approaches, you limit the IOIs only for guys you’re interested in.
  19. When you spot a cad you completely cut him off and he’ll usually back off, if he doesn’t- then that’s when you must be assertive about it and stick to your guns.
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  22. BroHamlet:
  23. “So yeah, I’m curious what your honest interpretation is of Grace’s personality because that’s equally important to any strategy she is employing.”
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  25. >Yes.
  26. Also, when you don’t cut bad behavior off right from the start, even a good guy will mistake you for the casual type.
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  29. deti:
  30. A high quality woman would not in the first place respond to all the sexual interest she received. She has very good filters in place and has finely tuned attraction triggers.
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